How to Start a Professional Cleaning Service Business

How to Start a Professional Cleaning Service Business

The industry of cleaning services business is full of business opportunities.The jobs range from cleaning at private residences to commercial cleaning in huge industrial and office spaces. The threshold for entry is minimal, and you can start your career on your own or as a part of a team. Beginning a cleaning service business has many benefits ranging from low start-up to huge business.

This is a comprehensive guide on how to start a cleaning services business, from choosing a target market and creating a cleaning service business plan to choosing the right cleaning products and promoting your services.

What Skills are Required to Start a Cleaning Company?

Anyone who enjoys repetitive, physical tasks and can work hard will be able to run a successful domestic cleaning business.

 It is essential to have a detailed approach. Commercial work may require the use of teams of cleaners. Sometimes, however, it is possible to work unsociable hours.

As you often have keys to someone’s home or business premises, so you have to be trustworthy and responsible.

To run a cleaning service business, one doesn’t need special skills or training. Basic business skills, such as bookkeeping, are enough.It is a brilliant idea to learn some business skills to start a cleaning services business in Nigeria.

This includes business strategy, cleaning service bookkeeping, and managing staff. Specialist cleaning requires you to have expertise in oven or carpet cleaning.

You might also need to purchase specialist equipment and products.

Cleaning Business Market Research

SWOT analysis of the cleaning service business is the foundation of any business.

When starting a domestic cleaning business, you first need to consider whether your area residents can afford to hire someone to clean their homes.

Look at what other cleaners are charging in your area and compare it to see if there is a better deal.

The same applies to the start of a commercial cleaning company: What are the charges for offices in your area?

 If you want to Start an office cleaning business, Get in touch with other people to find out where these services are in demand.

Salon business is a rapidly increasing job, especially in urban areas & require good level of cleaning. For your cleaning service business you can contact them for yearly amc contract.

Cleaning Service Business Plan

A Cleaning Service Business plan will help you get better results for your company.

You have to include the following information in your marketing plan:

  • How your customers perceive your services – Understand who your customers are and why they would use your products.
  • Consider what services or products you offer.
  • Think about what you offer, the demand, the time it will take, and how much profit you can make.
  • How much do you charge for your services?
  • What price should you set to make a profit?
  • What price can people pay?
  • What are the charges of other people?
  • How will you promote your product?
  • How you will stand out from your competition?
  • Find what makes you different from other cleaning businesses and build a brand people will remember.
Professional Cleaning Service Business

Cleaning Business Start-up cost

According to reports, the average cleaning service business has a start-up cost of $3500.

The following are the costs for a low-cost cleaning company:

To register as a limited liability company, a cleaning service business license and permits may cost $100 to $500.

Cleaning products and equipment can start at $300-$600, depending on their type.

These costs can include:

  • A vacuum of high quality can be purchased for between $200-300
  • For multiple cleaning solutions, $10 per unit
  • $10 for a broom
  • $20 for a mop
  • $20 for dusting supplies
  • Advertising is between $100 and $200 for both print and online marketing.
  • The hourly rate and number of employees you hire will affect how much labor costs. There’s much discussion around a $15 an hour minimum wage to keep up with rising living costs.
  • For full insurance and bonding, larger commercial janitorial companies can expect to pay between $8,000-$12,000 each year.

Cleaning Company Business License

Many states require commercial cleaning licenses and permits to operate. These licenses can be vendor’s licenses or DBA registrations. Cleaning services can also be registered as business entities and pay taxes.

You can seek professional LLC service providers to avoid stiff penalties and operate without a license.

How do you get a license to start a cleaning company?

Before starting your cleaning business, you will have to do a registration (DBA) and a vendor’s license.

Before you offer your services, ensure that you have the vendor’s license and the Doing Business As (DBA) registration.

Insurance For Your Cleaning Service Business

Although it may seem tempting to skip the insurance for your cleaning business, insurance is essential to protect you in an accident. It can help lower your risk and even grow your business.

Customers want to work with companies that are insured and bonded.

This makes their business decisions easier. You’re likely to have a small budget if your business is beginning.

It is a good idea still to do some math and determine how much coverage your company can afford. You will need to choose from several options for bonding and insurance coverage for your cleaning company.

This will allow you to protect yourself against many potential risks while cleaning client’s’ homes. Although you may think it is a good idea for your company to have the minimum amount of insurance, this could endanger your reputation and your business’s ability to provide adequate protection.

Consider the following things when weighing insurance costs as you begin your cleaning business:

  • Property damage by third parties
  • Client injuries
  • Accidents or illnesses that affect employees
  • Accidents involving business vehicles
  • Employee theft

Depending on your company’s size when it is just starting, some factors may not be relevant to you. Others might be crucial for keeping your business running in an emergency.

Regardless of your decision to invest in insurance or bonding, it will determine the most significant variable in start-up costs.

A Team of Great Cleaners

You will have a requirement to hire employees soon after you start your house cleaning business.

This allows you to hire more people, take on bigger jobs, and retain more clients. It is crucial to hire the right employees.

 These are some tips to help you build a team with top cleaners.

  • Safety training is essential. Sponsor your employees to complete certified cleaning courses.
  • Make sure your employees have the right equipment and tools.
  • Micromanage is not a good idea. Earn the trust and respect of your employees.
  • You can offer perks like vacation or sick time paid
  • Bonuses for high-quality work
  • Listen to your employees and take their concerns seriously.

The Advantages of Cleaning Business

We have now given you a good idea of how to start a cleaning company.

Lets look at the main benefits before we conclude.

  • Due to lower investments in depreciable assets, the revenue potential is greater
  • Flexibility to work part-time or full-time.
  • You don’t need an office; you can operate from your home.
  • There are many service options available.
  • Referring to satisfied customers will bring in more business.
  • Business continuity would be ensured by quality consciousness and strict vigil
  • Provisions of minimum wages would ensure that profit margins do not shrink.

Start your business today, and you will see rapid growth with the right strategies.

Cleaning Service Business

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Tips for Starting a Cleaning Business

Begin with family

Many cleaning companies, especially domestic cleaners, start working with friends and family at a low cost. You can practice your services, learn how they take, and establish realistic prices.

Encourage word-of-mouth

Recommendations from customers are the best way to market your business. To encourage clients to refer friends, you might consider a reward program. If a customer refers a friend, they each get 25% off their next month’s cleaning.

The price can be set according to your preference, but the better the reward, the more likely they will be to refer new customers to your cleaning business.

Door knocking advertising

While leafleting and advertising in magazines and newspapers can help you win clients. However, simply knocking on doors with a price list and a price list can be more effective and cost-effective.

Prospective customers often respond better to friendly faces than ads in the newspaper, especially if they have never considered hiring a cleaner.

Scope of Cleaning Services

If you are a neat person who likes to clean your home,  then setting up an organization to provide cleaning services in India might be a viable alternative.

In the wake of this epidemic that we have been battling in the past, we have come to understand the importance of hygiene and cleanliness.

The majority of large offices and companies require assistance in cleaning their facilities.

This is why there is a huge need for home and industrial cleaning services in metro towns of India.

 Cleaning companies can provide pest control, sanitation, cleaning, fumigation and vacuuming services. And will be performed by skilled experts.


Experts predict that the cleaning industry will continue to grow in the future. So, opening a cleaning service is an excellent business idea, especially for those living in large cities. It is crucial for people who have not yet had experience in this field to start on the right foot.

 You surely find success if you have the right mindset, willpower, and perseverance.

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