Start a Project Management Consulting For Entrepreneurs

Start a Project Management Consulting For Entrepreneurs

Modern technologies such as the internet, cell phones, laptops and software that allow you to build websites or file taxes in a matter of seconds make it easier to work independently, anywhere, anytime for everyone.It is easier than ever to work from anywhere and at any time. You may consider becoming an independent project manager or Start a project management consulting. 

Although being your boss or being a project management consultant comes with many benefits, it can also present challenges. Perhaps you are unsure where to begin. 

Here are some expert-approved guidance and tips to help you start your own project management consulting business.

What exactly is a project management Consulting business?

A project is an opportunity for businesses to reach specific objectives and implement strategies. It’s a one-time effort to develop a unique product or service.

The process of managing projects is using knowledge, expertise, and strategies to execute projects efficiently and quickly and also meet the expectations of stakeholders and customers.

The management of projects is a short-term procedure with pre-determined time frames and specific outcomes provided upon the end of the process.

The process includes not only the development of software but the development of infrastructure, services processes, and so on. Each project is limited to the opportunities and the constraints it has to face and is limited by available resources, capabilities, and deadlines.

Project management business include planning, executing and managing every step and everything in the business.

What are the Keys to Starting a Consulting Business?

1. Improve Your Expertise

Find the area where your knowledge and skills are most useful and learn everything you can about it.

You can maximize your strengths and improve your weaknesses to ensure that you provide outstanding service to your clients.

2. Certification

Take certifications related to your specialty.  This will help you build your reputation and increase the trust and confidence of your clients in your business.  This will also give you an edge over non-certified consultant.

3. Hire Employees

It would help if you had someone trustworthy to handle the administrative tasks in your business. 

This will help you save time and focus on your client’s technical and specific needs.

4. Set Your Price

Before you give your clients a quote, compare the rates of other consulting firms.  Include in your calculation all expenses you might incur for a project, including your professional effort.

5. Promote

Boost your marketing efforts to make yourself known to potential clients. Promote your services and what sets you apart from your competitors using word of mouth, print ads, phone, E-mail and social media marketing.

It is not easy to start a consulting business. You will have to meet many potential clients who may not hire you.

Prepare yourself for dealing with these failures professionally. Your target clients will remember you for the way you treat them.

 A positive attitude toward an unclosed deal could help you win the next time you provide a service or meet someone who needs your expertise.

Project Management Consulting

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How to Start Your Own Consulting Business?

You have found the right place if you are looking to start your own project management consulting business.  We will show you how it all works.

We will start by examining the fundamentals of the project management consulting industry, such as the size and composition of the market, the key segments, and how revenues are generated.

We will then discuss the keys to starting and succeeding with a consulting company.

Create Your Online Presence

You will need an online presence once you start your project management business in Bangalore.  You will need a trustworthy, user-friendly website to which you can point potential clients. 

This can be done with readily available cloud software or if you have the budget, then hire a web developer.

It would help if you also had a strong social media presence  Linkedin connections and their recommendations are a great way to build client trust.

Choose the Right Tools

You must create a plan to manage your client-side business, just like you do billing and taxes. 

How do you keep track of current clients and ongoing and completed projects? 

How do you find new clients?

A project management business plan will be necessary to keep in touch with all stakeholders and your project team when you are not on-site. 

Cloud-based project management software and other tools may be something you consider. 

However, it is important to ensure that your clients can use the tool easily.

Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Your Employers

Let your employer know that this is a personal decision. 

Also, assure them that it was a good experience working with you. You want to maintain a healthy relationship with them. 

They may become your next client. Next, tell your network that you are opening your shop.

Be clear about what you offer and open to all possibilities. Your network will most likely be the source of your first contract.

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Project Management Business

Maintain Your Taxes

Being a project management consultant, you are responsible for all aspects of your tax reporting, including billing and expenses.

It would help if you created a plan to guide you through each step.

It would help if you estimated your quarterly income taxes to ensure that you are prepared to pay them.

You can invest in software and tools to help you stay organized.

Take Control of Your Cash flow

You need to assess your financial resources before you make the jump to start your own project management consultancy in Bristol

What supplies will you need?

 Looking for a dedicated phone line or cellular phone?

 Do you think that you able to work in a private area?

 Are you able to afford medical insurance? 

What is your target market, and how much can you make as an independent consultant within that market? 

In the project management industry, it is common to invoice monthly. Some clients allow for weekly billing and standard net payments terms of 30 days.

To ensure that your first payment doesn’t arrive on time and to give you a cushion for the slow months,  it is a good idea to have at least three month’s  worth of cash reserves. 

Moreover choice of real estate business can be a great choice for the perception of income enhancement.

Promote Your Project Management Consulting Business

You will need to promote your project management consulting to get those first clients.  If you have the marketing and advertising budget, hire others to do it. 

One website says, “Promote your business local level through networking, local paid-per-click advertising, and website advertising.”

You can also consider advertising in trade publications once you have a few clients.

What are the Key Costs in the Project Management Consulting Industry?

Wages: More than half of the industry’s revenues last year were used to pay wages.

 In the next five years, it is expected to fall.

Purchases & Depreciation: Purchases account for almost 10% of consulting company’s revenues, while depreciation accounts for 0.9%.

Rent and utilities: Last year, nearly 4% of the industry’s revenues were made up of rent and utilities.

Other: Marketing costs account for 1.8% of the consulting industry.

What is the Average Project Management Hourly Ratio?

AGS has reviewed numerous resources to provide you with the most accurate information about the hourly rate of the project manager.

It is important to remember that project management consulting rates may vary depending on a variety of factors, including:

  • Required expertise for a project
  • Project scope, budget, and time-frame

It is important to determine if the consultant has been certified in project management. 

The project management consultant must have experienced the project’s geographic location reports that the hourly rate of project manager consultants ranges from $59 to $74 an hour, and the median hourly wage is $66.00


The hourly rate for project managers on Upwork varies and can range from $30 to $155 per hour.


Business to Community reports that the average project management consulting fee is based on experience.

Basic Project Management: $30-$60 per hour

Intermediate Project Management: $60-100 an hour

Certified PM Practitioners: $100-150 an hour

We have averaged the data from the above sources to give you an idea of the hourly rate project management consultants can pay if hired.

What are the Pros and Cons of Starting a Business in Project Management?

One of the main motivators to start a business is dollar bills. Indeed, the average salary for project managers in the United States is $86,450 per annum.

This doesn’t include $13,500 per annum in cash bonuses. 

Project managers free to work as freelancers or in project management companies may receive higher day rates, often exceeding $400.

However, project management is not all about money.

There are many other benefits to starting a project management company, including the ability to work in a variety of industries and the flexibility to work flexible hours and the possibility to establish relationships with people at all levels.

There are many downsides to project management. No profession is perfect. 

One example is the expectations of corporate clients regarding prior work and qualifications.

 This could be a barrier to entry.

Given the current global climate with COVID-19, there is a question about whether project managers are in high demand. 

Despite this, it seems that the project management industry is more resilient than other industries to the current climate, particularly those where face-to-face contact is not possible. 

Project management businesses will always be able to assist people in getting things done.


You have been improving your project management consulting skills.  You have been studying the various PM methods. You might have even earned a certification in project management.

Now that you have drafted a project chart and identified key stakeholders, it is the time to create a management plan to help your project.

This is where all your preparation and research pay off.

You will need a final project plan document to guide your project from start to finish.

What is a project management business plan

How important are they?

What are the essential components of a successful project management plan? 

Read this article again you get all the ideas to know how to start a project management consultancy in Birmingham.

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