Start a Salon Business : 13 Proven Steps

Start A Salon Business : 13 Proven Steps

The beauty industry has become a profitable sector. According to Global Data, health & beauty is expected to be the fastest-growing industry in the five-year timeframe between 2017 and 2022. If you have always wanted to own a salon business, this could be the perfect moment to start!

If you are not certain about the requirements to open the salon or what steps to follow, check out our “opening a salon” checklist to help you get on your way.

Get All Required Licenses to Start a Salon Business

It is necessary to obtain a license from the local government body to operate a salon business in India. The cost for obtaining the licenses is different depending on the location.

It is advised to apply for permits in advance to avoid issues following the launch of business for your salon business.

GST Registration- Salon business is required to sign up under GST and acquire the GSTIN Number. GST registration is always state-specific.

Business Registration: You will need to declare your salon business as a proprietorship, partnership firm, or Pvt Limited firm.

 It is necessary to file annual tax returns and audit your finances. Engage an accountant or CA to assist you with the financial aspects of your business. You can also take advices from a good financial planner to manage and control your cashflow.

Build a Strategy For salon business

Before you begin any business, it is essential to establish a strategy for how you will make money, the kind of clients you are hoping to reach, and how you will handle your finances and day to day activities.

There are a lot of resources to help you make these crucial choices that will define your salon business.


The location where you will open your salon business is also essential—a significant amount as it could be the deciding factor in success and failure.

The site must be convenient for the people who visit it. Your salon business should be situated in a location that is easily seen and accessible for your customers.

 Areas on the ground are ideal. Higher floor locations are considered the worst since they are not visible, and frequently, customers cannot locate the site.

Market Research For Your Salon Business

In the ideal scenario, you will need to conduct market research before starting your business. Check out the salons around your prospective company and see what they offer.

Are there any gaps that they are not filling?  Can you compete with premium products, top-of-the-line service, or pricing points?  Take the time to determine what your target market is lacking, and then try everything you can do to make the gap.

Anticipate Your Expenses

If you are planning to open a beauty salon, you must determine the amount you will require. Make a budget to ensure your expenses don’t exceed the anticipated earnings. The first step is to determine the cost of everything, including your utility bills, your employees’ salaries, and the supplies’ price.

This is your operating budget. To be profitable and successful, you will need much more than this.  Consider the services you are planning to offer and the amount your services will cost.

Select Your Cosmetic Treatments

You may have an approximate concept of the services and treatments your company will provide at the moment;  however, now is the perfect time to think about it in serious thought.

While some salons cater exclusively to hair treatments and other salons offer a vast selection of beauty treatments.

Here are a few services that salons typically provide:

  • Haircuts and colouring.
  • Specialized hair treatments: extensions Perms, chemical straightening, etc.
  • Hair conditioning treatments.
  • Pedicures and manicures.
  • Eyebrow shaping and grooming.
  • Hair removal treatments.
  • Massages.
  • Services for tanning.
  • Professional makeup and makeovers for professionals.

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Get Equipment and Furniture For Your Hair Salon Business

Before you can take the steps towards opening your salon business, you will be required to outfit your salon with the required furniture, the right equipment, and the best quality products.

For convenience and security, look for reputable professionals who will give you everything you require and possibly even discounted rates for big purchases.

Insurance For Your Salon Business

The price of insurance typically ranges from $50 to $250 per month. It covers your employees and the clients of your salon business.

 The most commonly used type is known as “general responsibility” insurance.

It protects you from the loss of the property of your salon business, as well as claims against you and damaging your company’s reputation.

Do not try to cut costs on business insurance.

Beauty Salon Business

Market Your Business

Be aware of these guidelines when promoting your Beauty Salon Business:

A fantastic web page:- This provides a site for your customers to learn more about your company. It includes your address, hours of operation, prices, services, and hours. A booking system on your website is an excellent option for attracting more customers to your salon.

Social media:- It doesn’t matter what social network platform you are using. What is important is to share valuable content and post frequently.

Customer service:- Word of mouth or buzz marketing is the most effective form of advertisement. You must ensure that you provide every customer with the best service.

For new entrepreneurs Professional Cleaning Service business can be a great choice.

 To Attract More Customers

This is a simple idea. However, how can you accomplish this? Set up a referral system Other salons are doing it, so why shouldn’t you try it? Offer current customers the chance to earn rewards by getting relatives, friends, or even strangers.

You can offer discounts on services, free products, or consultations to get new people in the door.

Additionally, you can give new customers discounts to ease their fears of being in the new. You can provide them cashback facility so that you will be at the top on their priority list in beauty.

Target Different Clients, Such as Males and Children

Offer competitive prices for “standard” haircuts that most clients visit barbers for. Make a part of your salon for kids.  It will not only aid stressed-out parents unwind to a degree when they go to your salon to have their hair done, but you could also cut the child’s hair.

The only restriction is that the children’s section of your salon should not be in the sight of your regular clients.

 Make Sure You Invest in Your Employees

Your employees are your assets. They are the ones providing the experience to your customers; they are the ones who are selling your services.

They are the ones who determine whether your company’s performance is based. Its your job to develop your employees to reward them with outstanding performance.

While competitive benefits and pay are crucial to attracting top staff, flexible schedules are also essential.

Although a stylist’s work might not be one of the more demanding physical or demanding jobs, they should have an ideal work-life balance as much as any other person.  It would help if you acknowledged this and their dedication, and time.

Your employees can show that you value their lives as individuals and ensure your store is staffed by using the salon’s scheduling program.

Discounts And Pricing

People looking at their best aren’t afraid to invest in their appearance. This is a great way to attract customers to your beauty salon business.

Indians like discounts too.  Intelligently use discount coupons to attract new customers and keep existing ones and make them your loyal and honest customers.


A visit to the salon is highly relaxing. It is possible to get an indulgence, massages for the head, and many other services that can allow your customers to forget the stress of their work and family.

 Salons are a place to socialize. Listen to your customer’s issues while doing your work.


Make sure your customers are satisfied. Your company must establish and maintain its reputation as a reputable hair and salon service to ensure that your customers continue to return to you for maintenance.

Do your best to provide your customers with the best experience each time.  Also, make every effort to ensure that they feel valued and satisfied. One of the most effective tools for marketing a salon is word-of-mouth. The client will return to your salon if a customer is satisfied with the outcome.

After all, its an issue of trust. Happy customers can assist in advertising your salon to their families, friends, and colleagues. They will spread the word about your salon’s gorgeous appearance and exceptional personal service.

Gather contact details from your customers, e.g., an email or mobile number. Using a computerized system, you could contact them via text or mail with news and updates about new products and services and any special deals you may have.

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